Contract Research

Wet-laid Paper Development

EFT has laboratory facilities and the technical staff to provide applications development, product evaluations and technical support related to wet-laid papers, filtration media, slurry molded shapes and engineered materials, including porous graphite papers for gas diffusion eletrodes. We provide the services to conduct refining studies, construct a wide range of synthetic and natural fiber handsheets varying basis weights, densities and compositions, and analyze the resulting materials for a wide range of properties.

Laboratory Process Capabilities
  • Fiber fibrillation / blending
  • Large (12" square) handsheet machine
  • Hot-presses (for sheet densification)
  • Liquid resin impregation
  • Drawbar surface coating
  • High temperature processing (to ~2000°C

Fiber Testing
  • Fiber Length Analysis Length Distribution
  • Single Fiber Tensil
    Properties - Carbon, Glass, High Modulus Fibers
  • DSC
  • TGA
Pulp Testing
  • Canadian Standard Freeness
  • Williams Freeness (differentiation of fast draining pulps)
  • Britt Jar (Dynamic Drainage Jar) - retention/drainage studies
  • Lab beater refining curves with tensile, tear and burst testing
Paper Testing
  • Caliper (thickness)
  • Bulk density
  • Tensile strength, Modulus TEA, Elongation
  • Bending Modulus / Stiffness
  • Tear (Elmendorff)
  • Burst (Mullen)
  • Air permeability (Gurley / Frazier)
  • Through/In-plane electrical properties
  • Water Absorption / Wicking