EFT Manufacturing Services

EFT offers several custom manufacturing services to fiber producers and end-users, including:

Toll Cutting
EFT can provide precision fiber cutting services for manufacturers including custom packaging and labeling to meet your needs. We can provide the same fiber cutting services for end-users, cutting customer-supplied materials to meet your specifications.

Fiber Fibrillation
In conjunction with our partner companies, EFT can supply fiber fibrillation on pilot to production scale equipment of synthetic fibers and both wood and non-wood cellulose to specific customer specifications for freeness and length. This includes dewatering and packaging as needed to meet your needs.

Custom Blending / Other Specialty Processing
EFT offers the ability to perform custom wet blending of various fibers to suit your application requirements. We can also perform other specialty processing as needed, such as applying fiber treatments or adjusting moisture levels in the final product.